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  1. Option to exclude all custom fields during data deployment  ·  Completed

  2. Support Salesforce standard Country/State Picklist Mapping for Data Masking

  3. create a compare/deploy function for data similar to metadata

  4. Ability to update value of Reference field for a data deployment

  5. Allow bulk export of selected objects in selected historical data backups

  6. Show start time, end time and duration of a data deployment  ·  Completed

  7. Precision Deployments (available for Layouts) for all the meta data  ·  Planned

  8. Select a set of data deployment templates and run them in order

  9. Ability to activate / deactivate Flows / Processes as part of the meta data and/or data deployment process  ·  Completed

  10. Control in which country data backups are stored or alternatively export backups automatically..

  11. Publish dynamic data with Outgoing Webhook in CI deployment jobs

  12. Backup data search feature should allow wildcards

  13. API to export backup to S3 for data warehousing/datalake

  14. to give an option to take a backup of Filter's data.

  15. Allow complex filters and child relationships on filters for data loading

  16. Add support for Currency and Percent fields to be masked during a data deployment  ·  Completed

  17. Allow adding Big Objects to data backup jobs

  18. While configuring a data deployment, allow save after selecting objects and fields

  19. Gearset to do Sanbox Refresh by copying metadata and data from production

  20. Allow components to be added or removed from an data deployment template

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